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Jason lived as a hero in Greek mythology, the leader of the Argonautic Band in the journey of retrieving the Golden Fleece. He was the heir of the king of Iolcus, Aeson, though it is not evident who his mother was; various titles appear in several sources as his mother.
When Jason was yet a baby, his half-uncle Pelias, competing for the throne of Aeson, eliminated all of Aeson’s children, and overcame Aeson; however, he failed to eliminate Jason. The baby was transferred to the Centaur Chiron, who sustained him to adulthood. Pelias, in the meantime, asked an oracle that told him to be wary of a man with one sandal. Jason, an adult man, returned to Iolcus to visit some games held by Pelias in honor of the god Poseidon; while in his travel, he lost one of his sandals in the river Anauros while supporting a disguised Hera to cross. Hera secretly blessed Jason at that time. Jason arrived in front of Pelias, asking for the throne as the legitimate heir of Aeson, only Pelias gave him the quest to bring the Golden Fleece in order to step down from the throne.
Jason began creating a party of heroes, who were collectively named the Argonauts, after the name of Jason’s ship, Argo. The Golden Fleece was discovered in the mythical realm of Colchis that would take an extended period of time to reach. After the Argonauts began to sail, they first come to the island of Lemnos. There, all the women of the island had killed their husbands after a curse that had been afflicted on them by the goddess Aphrodite, because she was not correctly worshiped. The Argonauts lingered for a while there, sleeping with the females of the island and producing a new group, called Minyans. The tale takes these men into the strangest parts of the world since many foes yet want the fleece for them selfs or just need to inhibit Jason and the others from gaining it. One of the most famous parts of his fable is the time his crew came across some sirens who had been known to drive men to there watery graves, jason like a hero decied to give his crew ear pluggs so they wouldn’t be swayed he an the other hand had to tied to the mast which worked out well since were able to continue on their journey.