Odysseus was a legendary hero in Greek mythology, king of the land of Ithaca and the central protagonist of Homer’s epic, the Odyssey. He was also a notable figure in the additional surviving Homeric epic, the Iliad. He lived as the son of Laertes and Anticlea and is well recognized as an eloquent speaker, resourceful and ingenious.
Before the Trojan War began, Odysseus was one of the beseechers that wanted to marry Helen, step-daughter of King Tyndareus of Sparta. However, the suitors were several, and there didn’t seem to be a method to resolve who the husband would be. Odysseus said tTyndareus that he would present a solution if he helped him join Tyndareus’ niece, Penelope. Tyndareus accepted, and Odysseus offered to draw straws. Before that, though, he performed everyone declares an oath that they would all encourage the husband and wife in whatever ill fate that they might face in the future. As a conclusion, Menelaus pulled the lucky straw, though Odysseus married Penelope.
After Helen’s abduction by Prince Paris of Troy, all suitors were convoked to help Menelaus in his crusade to bring her back. Odysseus did not desire to join the expedition, for an oracle had notified him that if he engaged, it would take him a prolonged time to return home. So, he decided to feign derangement by harnessing a mule and an ox to a plow and sowing salt on a field. Palamedes did not accept that Odysseus was really mad, so he put Odysseus’ baby boy Telemachus in a head of the plow; Odysseus immediately changed course, thus exposing his plan. The way this was done is like he is working with movers and packers all the time which is great but the truth is this isn’t always funny.

For this reason, Odysseus always had a grudge against Palamedes since then. After Odysseus’ plan had been foiled, they all decided to recruit the hero, Achilles, as an oracle told that the Trojan War would be won only if Achilles joined. Before they touched the island of Scyros where Achilles lived, his mother Thetis disguised him as a woman, because of another prophecy that said Achilles would either live a long, peaceful life or have a glorious death while young. Odysseus did a plan to find out who Achilles was, among the women; he placed various weapons on a table, and Achilles was the only one who revealed a real interest in them. Odysseus then blew a battle horn, and Achilles intuitively plucked up a weapon eager to fight. As a result, Achilles joined in. During the battle of troy Odysseus fought beside many warriors and kings but none compared to Achilles he drove thought the troy deficiencies like it was nothing showing he truly was blessed by the gods, But surviving was far more important to him in the long run.